The gastro-bar restaurant in Beaune

Wine bar in Beaune
Restaurant in Beaune

A cuisine of many flavours

To delight all food lovers

Starting with an aperitif, our tasty appetisers and large selection of Iberian cold meats are available to accompany the wine of your choice.

You can then choose from the menu – the starters, main courses and desserts.

In a friendly and often social atmosphere, you can extend your evening around an aged marc brandy or a vintage chartreuse liqueur.

A glass of wine, an aperitif, a wine tasting among friends, an evening meal à la carte, or an after-dinner liqueur – the choice is yours!

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The pleasure of wine

A carefully chosen selection

Antoine meets the winegrowers and shares the same passion and the same enthusiasm for the work in the vineyard as they seek out great wines.

From the joy of this collaboration comes an exceptional wine list, bringing together a selection of champagnes, wines from Burgundy and other regions, marc, aged rum, whisky, cognac, chartreuse, etc.

More than 4,000 references are available: from regional appellations to grand crus, everyone will find something to satisfy their desires.

A selection of wines to try by the glass (5 red wines, 5 white wines and 3 champagnes) is available for you to discover new terroirs.



The kitchen and dining area in harmony

Françoise ROUX is gathered a young and dynamic team to work together. She has created a friendly atmosphere in this special place.

Roland CHANLIAUD Michelin-starred, creative, and avant-garde chef was able to pass on his know-how to Nicolas GASNIER and Alban PERRARO. In the kitchen, we take our inspiration from seasonal products and their ripeness. The Burgundian farmers are the ones who dictate our menu. The distance from the fields to the plate is often just a few kilometres.

Antoine BAUCHY, our sommelier, remains in regular contact with the winemakers to offer you a rich and eclectic wine list to suit all budgets and is there to advise you on the best food and wine pairings.

Cindel DELACOURT, Smahan MISSA, and Vincent DESOBEAU (sommelier) welcome you with professionalism and kindness.